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Home Shop About & Contact FAQs is the perfect place to find unique and personalized gifts for your loved ones, including custom pet portrait engravings. Our skilled artisan can create a beautiful and detailed engraving of your furry friend, capturing their personality and charm. Whether you want to surprise a friend with a one-of-a-kind gift or simply want to commemorate your beloved pet, has you covered. Visit our website today and order your custom pet portrait engraving!

Markets & Craft Fairs

Nederland Farmer's Market, Nederland, Colorado
May 28,
July 23,
September 3
October 1, 2023

A Borgata 11th Anniversary Event, Conifer, Colorado
June 3, 2023

Colorado Medieval Festival, Loveland, Colorado
June 9-11, 2023

See in Person

A Borgata in Conifer, CO

Riley's Natural Pet Supply in Littleton, CO

Wagz Pet Market & Grooming in Fort Collins, CO

Fundraising Events

April 22, 2023
Humane Society Pikes Peak - 25th Annual Fur Ball Gala Fundraiser
Bid on a 13 inch live edge basswood engraving!

April 29, 2023
Animal Friends Alliance - Vanity Fur Gala Fundraiser
Bid on two 8x8 inch custom maple wood engraving!

October 1-15, 2023
FBRN - French Bulldog Rescue Network Fundraiser
25% of Sales will be donated to the rescue!

Fall 2023 - TBD
Rocket Dog Rescue
Bid on a custom 13" portrait at their Bummer Ball Fundraiser!

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Reclaimed Colorado Aspen

Reclaimed Colorado Aspen is locally sourced from other homebased businesses here in Colorado! The wood has been cut down for fire midigation and would otherwise be burned as slash, used as firewood or sent to the dump. Instead, we create ornaments, magnets and other decorations out of the aspen.

The variety of sizes, shapes and markings in the wood makes aspen ideal for a very rustic look.


Basswood can be found just about anywhere in the North/Eastern sections of the United States. Basswood can reach a height of up to 120' with a trunk diameter up to 5ft!

I mainly use what is called "Live Edge Bark" which includes the dark, rich tones of bark along the edges complimented by a beautiful, blonde, fine close grain surface! Due to the nature of the live edge cut, width sizes will vary. All pieces will be at least 0.60" thick and are Kiln dried without the use of chemicals.

Basswood is my favorite for showing fine details and for larger wall art. See the two plaques side by side in the slideshow above.


Hard Maple, also commonly known as Sugar Maple or Rock Maple are found anywhere in the United States. Unlike other hardwoods, Hard Maple is usually sapwood and not heartwood. It is known for its durability and strength and the light color shows great contrast when engraved. The final art is a little flatter than you get with the basswood. See the upside-down dog in the slideshow above.


The American Black Cherry fruit tree is the most commonly used for woodworking and has long been a popular wood for cabinet and furniture making. Cherry has a smooth-grained, is typically a pale pinkish brown when freshly cut and darkens to rich reddish brow with age. When engraved, it has a little more of a black and white look to it rather than grey scale. If you prefer a subtle look to your engraving, this wood is perfect. See the dog in the snow in the slideshow above.

Cherry and maple hardwoods are better for smaller pieces and are also source from a local Fort Collins supplier.

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  • Where do I send photos of my fur baby?

    Text photos to 720.432.9949 or email
    I will focus on the face, so be sure the face is clear in the photos.

  • How long is the turn-around time for engravings?

    Small engravings (3-4 inches): 1-2 weeks.
    Medium engravings (6-8 inches): 2-3 weeks.
    Larger engravings can take up to 4-6 weeks.
    Please allow additional time during the holidays.

  • Can I place a "Rush" order?

    No, the artistic process, sketching, engraving and sealing, can not be rushed.

  • What is the process? Are these mass produced?

    Send me several photos of your fur baby by email or text. I draw a sketch for your approval. Once you approve the sketch, I engrave it on your choice of wood. Several coats of sealer and then applied to protect the wood and engraving. The seal needs time to cure prior to shipping.

    The engraving will have a bit of a raised/uneven affect, giving the final art a bit of a 3d look.

    Please note that the seal we use is meant for indoor use only. If you plan to use your order outside, please let us know at the time of the order so we can discuss sealer options.

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